The regular monthly meeting of the Cambria County Health and Welfare Council was held on January 6th at 8:30 am at Alleghenies UCP.

Call to Order: Davina Bixby, President

Attendance: The following members and guests signed in: Paula Gojmerac, Michelle Younkin, Michelle Miller, Barbara Porter, Natalie Riccilli, Laura Perry-Thompson, Cindy DeBellis, Carol Harding, Joyce Bowers, Tasha Adams, Frank Reidelbach, Paula Eppley-Newman, Chelsea Fallier, Rachael Leister, Sally McClinock, Jude Peruso, Briana Becquet, Katie Dneaster, Megan Eckenrode, Ingrid Kloss, Josh Yoder, Davina Bixby, Katelyn Clem, Jeff Homady, Kerry Tomb, Travis Hutzell, Carla Horvath, Tony Penna, Howard Ermin, Sarah Sherry, Tammy Garrett, Renee Pettenati, Diana Grosik, Annette Comiskey, Curt Davis, Stephanie Fry, Jim Redmond, Heidi Niebauer, Chris Baughman, Kristen Villarrial.


  • United Way - There will be an open Request for Proposal for any agency that would like to have a Parents as Teachers Program. Watch the newspaper for the RFP.
  • Backpack Project - “Baskets for Backpacks” fundraiser, Sunday, April 3rd, time TBA, Richland Fire Hall, accepting donations of baskets, contact Megan Eckenrode, 262-0732.
  • Alleghenies United Cerebral Palsy -  April 14th, Red Mailbox “Spread Hope” Event, Point Stadium, more information to follow.

Discussion Items:

  • Introduction of new CCHWC Executive Board: Davina Bixby (President), Josh Yoder (Vice President), Heidi Neibauer (2nd Vice President), Katelyn Clem (Treasurer), Kristen Villarrial (Secretary).
  • Bethany Winters – CCPC Mobilizer updated us about the coalition’s unanimous vote to move forward with the Drug Free Communities grant application. Drug Free Communities will require the coalition to strengthen their executive board structure. They are currently under the umbrella of the Cambria County Health and Welfare Council and share our executive board. The United Way and the 1889 Foundation pledged their financial support last month along with the services of Travis Hutzell, their grant writer, to write the Drug Free Communities grant application on the CCPC’s behalf. Last year, the United Way created a drug task-force to address the increasing drug problem in Cambria County. Last month, Bethany was invited to their meeting to discuss the Drug Free Communities application and what that would look like with the CCPC’s current structure. That group has proposed a new executive board structure that would comply with the Drug Free Communities model and would move the Coalition out of the Health and Welfare Council and under a newly established executive board. The day-to-day functions of the Coalition will remain largely the same but they would have a strong executive board with key community stakeholders, including the representation from the Health and Welfare Council’s Executive Board. A vote to change the by-laws will take place at our CCHWC March meeting. Please contact Bethany (814) 241-9728, if you have any questions about the change to the board structure of the CCPC.


Jeff Homady of the Northern Cambria Mobile Food Pantry shared the mission, strategic plan and need for the Mobile food bank. All HWC members are encouraged to like and Share the Mobile Food bank on FACEBOOK and help spread the word. Please contact Jeff at (814) 496-5240 or email with any questions.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 am by Davina Bixby, President

Respectfully submitted,

Kristen Villarrial
Health and Welfare Council Secretary